Higher Ground Family Funerals.

The new service we now offer.

We are pleased to announce that our new, custom built, facility is open and we can offer a more in-depth service to families at their time of need.

The impetus to expand our role was borne mainly through the many requests of individuals, and sometimes families who want to feel more in control of the funeral, in a hands on way. Or they have been to Higher Ground Meadow burial site to purchase their burial rights and the following words are often said “now, when the time comes, can you pick us up?”

We have been involved with many families who haven’t felt the need for the traditional funeral director with hearse and bearers; instead we have assisted them in carrying out all that was necessary at the funeral. It is very easy at Higher Ground Meadow for the family to act as bearers; we have a beautiful wooden bier upon which the coffin is placed. The coffin remains on the bier throughout the service and then family members or friends push the wheeled bier to the graveside; this avoids carrying a coffin on shoulders.

Without exception the honour and sense of fulfilment felt by these families is amazing, to perform this last act of love for the deceased is very powerful.

When you are faced with the loss of a loved one it is so important to feel at ease with whoever is going to assist you with the funeral arrangements. We will sit with you and listen to how you want things to be arranged; we want you to feel relaxed enough to ask any questions.

This will often be the first time you have had to organize a funeral so it is understandable that you will need help and guidance.

There are some families who manage to write the funeral ceremony themselves but the majority will need the help of someone who is familiar with this. It may be that you will want a religious service and require a minister to officiate. Alternatively a funeral celebrant will write a fitting and moving service on your behalf and act as a master of ceremonies on the day. Music usually forms an important part of the ceremony and you may choose whatever is appropriate to your family.